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Heroine's Journey Premium Cohort 6-month Gift

The Personal Heroine’s Journey Premium Cohort, facilitated by AVVI Co-Founder and Master Coach Christine Grimm, takes you intentionally through the mythic quest of awareness and personal learning to heal and grow on a personal, cultural, and spiritual level. The  “journey” for each person is about self-worth and identity. This program is ​based on the The Heroine’s Journey (Maureen Murdock) and the Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell) narrative paradigms, with a focus on shining a light on the lesser known heroine’s perspective and working for feminine and masculine balance and integration in one’s own life.  When fully engaged, the heroine brings balance to herself, then changes the world around her.



The program will help you:

  • Take honest review and stock of your life and your habits
  • Balance your ‘Feminine & Masculine’ energies
  • Create intentional moments of clarity & calm
  • Getting clear on what & who influences your choices
  • Increase emotional awareness to tap into inner-peace, grace, and poise in the midst of challenge, chaos, or triggering moments
  • Recognize & release old patterns that may not be serving you any longer
  • Leverage your inner values to deeply know your purpose
  • Become acutely aware of the signals you are sending to the world
  • Understand the dynamics in your energy & relationships
  • Release attachment to external measures of success
  • Gain & sustain confidence that allows you to be in full control of your experience
  • Utilize your innate creativity and voice with practices & writing techniques to awaken rejected, hidden and new parts of you

Heroine's Journey Premium Cohort 6-month Gift

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