REMOte Energy Healing SEssion

AUgust 30, 2020
8:00am - 12:30pm PST

about the practice:

Remote Energy Healing may sound mystic, but it's not all that etheral; it's actually an ancient practice that aligns with quantum modalities. The same techniques energy-workers, such as Reiki Masters, use in-person can also be carried out through distance healing, as the work depends on the focused vibrational energy and the intent of the healer and the recipient. This excercise helps to clear energy blocks; heal, open and energize the chakras. 

about the practitioner:

Karuna Mirchandani is a widely traveled student and practitioner of many Eastern healing modalities and philosophies, including Reiki, Silent Meditation, and Hypnotherapy, and is as versed in Western business-savvy and coaching styles. In her own personal expansion she has learned ancient tools from her own personal heritage and delights in gifting them to others. Learn more about Karuna's journey here

about the Event:

The experience begins with a 30 minute virtual convenening with a collective guided meditation and grounding session, and then you'll be free to carry on with your own intentions. During two 15 minute periods that morning, you will receive powerful directed healing energies. For optimal experience, it's best if you are able to be somewhere quiet (indoor or outdoor) and be by yourself to receive the healing. As intention-setting is helpful for both the energy-worker and recipent prior, we ask that you pay what you can to reserve your spot early, by clicking through below. 


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