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from our founders (Chris + Karuna)

AVVI is our passion.  It's the product of both of us, individually, as friends and colleagues, creating our new lives.
We are on the journey. We both have 20+ years leading, coaching, and problem-solving in the business world. We have lead the transformation of culture in entire organizations. We have guided executives to shift thinking and increase their effectiveness, tenfold. We have coached leaders as they change their lives through new choices and behavior.  Now we bring that to AVVI in a very focused and special way.



Teen & Dog Mom
AVVI co-founder & Coach


I have spent over 25 years learning to be a powerful woman in a crazy, upside-down world. The easy part was coaching corporate leaders and aligning global teams. The hard part was learning how to be a strong woman, a role model for my children, a connected sister, and a true heroine. I’m still working on the latter. 
My coaching for AVVI is designed to help individuals find a balance in how they live, moving away from an imbalanced masculine approach to life and work, and creating a path that is fulfilling, inflow, and joyful. For some, that means redefining what you do for work. For others, it means exploring your approach to relationships. For the few who are ready, it means redefining your purpose, values, and pushing into a new chapter of life. 

If you are interested in my professional qualifications, experience, etc. connect with me on LinkedIn.

You can witness my coaching style by watching the Leadership Now Podcast that I Co-Host with NYTimes Bestselling Author & Speaker, Nick Vujicic.

If you're ready to jump into this work with me

Chris Grimm Bio

Karuna Mirchandani

corporate badass
REcovering Workaholic
re-engineering Energy master
avvi co-Founder
Karuna M_edited.jpg


After spending nearly two decades wholly immersed in the corporate world (can you say ‘workaholic’?), Karuna exited the executive rat race, and her impressive career in corporate tech and engineering to take a break from a Left-Brain dominated life. SHE WAS READY to make the change. She parachuted into a world where she had to put her Right-Brain to work; it hadn't been completely obsolete over the previous 20 years - just waiting to be engaged at its fullest. 


Over the past six years, Karuna has reached into her Indian heritage & upbringing to master the intuitive and healing arts. She's become fluent in modalities such as energy work, Reiki, meditation, and the art of silence. Now as a coach, Karuna blends her passion for healing modalities and invaluable business savvy which allows for 100% of her brain to show up in every encounter.

Karuna M Bio



Former Politico
Non-Profit Executive
Depth-seeking Storyteller
avvi coach


As a recovering 'overachiever', having spent most of her adult life navigating federal policy & campaign strategy, Eugenie now prioritizes personal authenticity and acceptance as a practice. A nearly fifteen-year career in Conservation and Social-Justice Politics prepared her for the interesting sharp turn she took into her own personal and generational trauma healing just a few years ago.

In 2018 she turned her life and her conceptions upside down; left her promising career track, moved continents, and found pieces of herself that she didn't know were missing and a strength coupled with the peace that feels a whole lot like straight-up joy. It was hard, and she is openly embracing all that she still has yet to learn - but she found some incredible tools along the way and is excited to share them with you.

Eugenie Bostrom Bio



Executive support system
Avid connector
Mom and Stray Cat Protector
Knitting Self-Starter  
avvi coach


I spent the better part of 25 years as a Human Resource executive and consultant. I enjoyed every part of that journey that continues today in a new form at AVVI. Helping people manage change by giving them useful tools and deeper guidance to make meaningful decisions, helps me to exercise my passion to help you through AVVI. 


As part of an executive support system within companies, my goal has always been to bring out the best in their people. Either within the companies or as people exit to new employment. At AVVI, I help individual clients determine the change that awaits, by guiding them to identify their deeper desired path. Together, we develop the goals to take you there.


As an Avid Connector, I have an intuitive gift in recognizing patterns within people and the situations they find themselves engaged in. I use this gift to help you do the deeply honest work we can do in our client—coach connected relationship. The depth we explore brings you to realize what truly works for you and why it works and resonates. Your “why” becomes your personal tool, your touchpoint, your own check and balance system to measure your decisions and achievements against, on the road to your personal success. 


Let’s discover and define your personal Touchpoint—your “Why”—and help you to achieve your deeply desired personal success. 

Michele C Bio

more avvi team members



Avvi program coordinator

Evy Silvestre’s adventurous nature began after moving across the world for over 10 years. Even though her journey has just begun she is inspired by new cultures, people, and a way of doing things. It has formed her open-mindedness to think and listen thoughtfully to those around her. Trust begins with listening and because Evy can listen with an open mind, she is trusted by friends and colleagues. Having grown up in a bilingual household Evy already is able to speak two languages including English and French, But this doesn't stop her from learning and exploring new
languages because she has realized that communication is important in order to form connections. 


She is passionate about film photography and enjoys the beauty of taking simple yet artistic shots of everything and anything. As for what the future holds, Evy is still discovering what aspects she is intrigued by in the business world but she knows that whatever she decides to pursue allows her to travel and discover new places.

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