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The AVVI Collective

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The moniker AVVI originated from the Italian 'avvicinare' - which means to bring something close or draw near.  The AVVI Collective Premium Subscription provides opportunities to draw nearer to your essential self, your greatest abilities, and deep healing with an array of experiences and practices - with a community of seasoned practitioners.


From ancient Reiki Energy Healings, to Mastering Your Journey Cohort's, to utilization of self-paced tools for self-discovery and growth.  There really is something to support you at any stage of your journey. 

You already have what it takes. This is the space, and these are the tools to help you unlock your power and create the life you love.


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Dedicated Member Portal

Monthly Mastering Your Journey Sessions with Christine Grimm

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Live Session Calendar

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Guides & Exercises for Reflection 

Monthly Coaching opportunities with variety of speakers & coaches

Remote Energy Healing Sessions with Reiki Master, Karuna Mirchandani

Access to The

Real You Toolkit

Access to Heroine's Journey Video Library

This is your time - look deeper within yourself and bloom into who you are meant to be.  

Breakout of your comfort zone and flourish in everything you set your mind to, with the guidance of a team of world-class coaches/healing practitioners. 

Experience interactive sessions, virtual convenings, intimate cohort groups, and tools & exercises that can drastically support your life goals, relationships and achieving that ever elusive self-love.  


The AVVI Collective Premium Subscription is your place to shine & grow if…

You’re curious about various self-discovery models

The yearning for a sense of activated peace as strong

The calling inside you to learn, and explore is insatiable

You enjoy self-paced learning and connecting with new practitioners

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Ready to wade into consistent practices of peace, reflection and self-discovery?

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