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The AVVI Collective Membership

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The AVVI Collective
Premium Membership

The AVVI Collective Premium Membership provides next level opportunities for deep self awareness and healing with an array of experiences and practices in connection with an amazing community and our seasoned coaches and healing practitioners.


From ancient energy and sound healing, shamanic breathwork and forgiveness ceremonies, all coupled with our self-paced content and tools for accelerated self-discovery, life design and growth.  

We have everything you need to support all stages of your journey. This is the space, and these are the tools to help you unlock your power and create the life you love.

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Look Deeper Within Yourself

Breakout of Your Comfort Zone


Emerge as Your Best, Future Self

  • 39$
    Every month
    AVVI Collective Premium Subscription (monthly)
    • Access to dedicated member portal
    • Exclusive access to Mastering Your Journey Video Library
    • Exclusive access to The AVVI Real You Toolkit
    • Guides & exercises for reflection & practical application
    • A safe & sacred online support space just for you
    • Challenges to maintain consistent growth
    • Ongoing VIP discounts on AVVI Products + Events
    • Monthly mastering your journey cohort sessions
    • Monthly coaching from variety of speakers & coaches
    • Energy Healing sessions with Karuna Mirchandani
    • Free AVVI Experience Gift (snail mail)
    • Cancel Anytime
  • 390$
    Every year
    AVVI Collective Premium Subscription (annually)
    • You get EVERYTHING in The Collective Premium Subscription
    • Commit to 1-year and get two months free!
    • Best Value!
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Heroin's Journey

Mastering Your Journey Group Coaching 

Image by Kristjan Kotar

The AVVI Collective Premium Membership includes an invitation to participate in our monthly Mastering Your Journey Group Coaching sessions.  Each group coaching cohort is facilitated by Master Coach, Christine Grimm. These monthly live sessions take you through the mythic quest of awareness and personal learning to heal and grow on a personal, cultural, and spiritual level.


The “journey” for each person is about self-worth and identity. This program is ​based on the collective works of The Heroine’s Journey (Maureen Murdock) and the Hero’s Journey (Joseph Campbell) narrative paradigms, with a focus on shining a light on the lesser known perspectives, underlining patters and bringing feminine and masculine balance and integration in one’s own life. 

This experience will help you:

Take an honest review and stock of your life and your habits

Balance your ‘Feminine & Masculine’ energies

Create intentional moments of clarity & calm

Getting clear on what & who influences your choices

Increase emotional awareness to tap into inner-peace, grace, and poise in the midst of challenge, chaos, or triggering moments

Recognize & release old patterns that may not be serving you any longer

Leverage your inner values to deeply know your purpose

Become acutely aware of the signals you are sending to the world

Understand the dynamics in your energy & relationships

Release attachment to external measures of success

Gain & sustain confidence that allows you to be in full control of your experience

Utilize your innate creativity and voice with practices & writing techniques to awaken rejected, hidden and new parts of you


Who is this for?

This group coaching program helps people of all ages and backgrounds to explore, understand, and give voice to personal experiences and stories: past- present- future.  With just the right amount of rigor and accountability, this program is a step closer to one-on-one coaching for anyone who isn’t ready to make that level of commitment and investment.

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