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September 19, 2021
October 16, 2021



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Experience the Power of Forgiveness, Guided Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing and more
@ The Serra Retreat in Malibu, CA

We are offering you the opportunity to reset and disconnect from the world with the accountability and support of our experienced practitioners.

This retreat is designed to bring you to calm and immerse in various Healing modalities.

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

8:30am to 5pm (lunch provided)

..... Guided Meditation, Walking Meditation,

Ho’oponopono Intensive Collective Healing,

and Individual Reiki Healing .......


What is Ho’oponopono?

Ho’oponopono is a simple way of arriving at a deep inner peace. The practice is derived from an ancient Hawaiian traditional used to resolve conflict and ritualize forgiveness in early indigenous island tribes.

Ho’o means ‘to make’ and pono is translated ‘right’ or ‘correct.’ It follows that ponopono would be “double right”. The double represents you making things right within yourself and also making things right with another. To ‘make anything right’ means to join oneself again with one’s Higher Self and the Source of All Being – to be in one’s own center, returned to harmony, and balanced once again so that one is able to realign the environment and reshape reality.

This experience, often described as “life changing” and “miracle inducing” is designed to help you focus on the situations and relationships, past and present, that you want to bring into a new state of peace.


How can Reiki Energy Healing help me?

The effects of Reiki Energy Healing are very powerful and targeted. Balance your main energy centers (chakras) and clear past emotional trauma and blockages. Energy Healing may sound mystic, but it's not all that ethereal; it's actually an ancient practice that aligns with quantum modalities. Clear intentions will be set and the vibration on which you set your intention is where the field of energy comes into play with the Law of Attraction. If you set clear intentions with a positive attitude, you start to live a life full of authenticity, one in alignment with the universe and your highest self.

Virtual Silent Weekend Retreat

6PM PT (18:00) Friday, December 18 through 10:00 PM PT (22:00) Sunday, December 20

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Pay What You Can

We offer the opportunity to reset in committed silence with the accountability and support of our community.


We encourage you to break away from the hectic holiday schedule, online shopping, devices and other electronic in/out flow of information, the news, the tension of life, the expectations of others as much or as little as you want

  • Commit to a timetable of silence

  • Create your space

  • Set your own goal

  • Commit to yourself

  • Allow the collective commitment to support your resolve


We are purposefully NOT establishing a taxing, mandatory agenda.


We will offer options for anyone who wants to enrich their silence.

  • Introduction to Silence and Mindfulness (pre-recorded video)

  • Downloadable resource to help you prepare your home/space (and family/cohabitants) for silence

  • Downloadable resource with journaling prompts for use in Silence

  • Live kick off event with Guided Meditation into silence

  • Live Sound Bath with Allison Bagg


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September 26 - November 8, 2020


Monday, September 28, 2020

Pay What You Can