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Bring Awareness to your Journey and destined path with our on-demand tools below


Go deep fast


Acknowledge Your True Self


Create the life you desire


Discover your Superpower


Deepen your mindfulness


Gain a clear understanding of what you want from life

All you need is an internet connection and your laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other modern mobile device.

Making things right

AVVI & Twinstrology:
Making Things Right - Ho’oponopono Forgiveness & Clearing

This pre-recorded event will allow you to experience the power of Ho’oponopono, The Hawaiian Forgiveness Prayer. This simple yet elegant mantra is foundational to Polynesian shamanistic healing systems, ceremonies, and reconciliation rituals.


Ho’o means ‘to make, and pono is translated as ‘right’ or ‘correct.’ It follows that Pono Pono would translate to “double right” affording us the opportunity to create mutual forgiveness, reconciliation, and clearing collective memories that are holding us all back from unity and harmonious interactions.


Ho’oponopono is a process that allows us to connect with the Divine, asking that known or unknown memories, beliefs, or situations that are not right, but dissolved. This removal of blocks and memories that aren’t serving us, creates space for shifts that are often nothing short of miraculous. This, in turn, will also help you feel more centered, take back responsibility and thus your power, and reshape your current and future reality.


This recording will include:

· A short introduction about how, why, and when to use Ho’oponopono practices.

· A demonstration of a simple process you can use daily to reconnect with the Divine and remove blocks keeping you from what you want.

· A prayer and healing process to help you use Ho’oponopono immediately to heal the situations and relationships, past and present, that are causing you to feel stuck or struggle in your life (PDF included)

· An interactive healing for the collective clearing of emotions and thoughts that are holding us all back.



Mara Kelly

Founder of Twinstrology 

Marla Bio




Christine Grimm

Co-Founder of AVVI and ARIA Consulting

Discover Your Purpose:
Activate your passion & love your life

No matter where you are in life.  No matter your current job, family situation, home life, or bank account figures. . .There is still time to discover your passion and start doing the work you love. 


This self-paced workbook will help awaken belief in yourself and aid you in discovering how you can activate your passion and lead a life you love.  


This program will help you:

  • Discover your superpower through exploratory exercises and learn how to apply such to your life.

  • Look back on your life so far, be proud of how far you’ve come and how much further you will go. 

  • Get out of your comfort zone, plan for new experiences and create the space for the new projects you will commit to. 





  • Instant access to workbook full of guidance, daily exercises, and journal prompts that will help you tap into your passions and ignite the endless possibilities you can achieve to have the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Purpose

CREATE Your Own Silent Retreat 

Give yourself permission to deepen your mindfulness and create space for an at-home silent retreat away from all the noise and to-do lists.  You don't have to go to a special destination to achieve calm and clarity.  You can do this right at home at a pace you're comfortable with.

AVVI Co-Founder Karuna Mirchandani offers many tips and best practices in a pre-recorded video, explaining how you can best spend your time in silence so you get exactly what you need most from the experience.   


  • You will receive instant access to a calming video explaining the importance and benefits of spending time with yourself in silence.

  • Also included are 3 downloadable resources to help you create the best experience based on your needs and time-frame.

Silent Retreat

Deep Dive into The Heroine's Journey

Maureen Murdock is generally regarded as the first to chart an alternative to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey narrative paradigm that she believed is more appropriate for women’s life journeys. As a student of Campbell’s, Murdock, came to believe that the Hero’s Journey model did not adequately address the psycho-spiritual journey of women. She developed a model of a heroine’s journey based on her work with women in therapy.

During this in-depth workshop, coach and master teacher, Christine Grimm will guide you deep into understanding the milestone experiences and personal transformative processes of The Heroine’s Journey, as originally presented by author and therapist, Maureen Murdock. We will look at the archetypes often presented in popular culture and how the heroine’s journey is similar and different than the commonly presented path of the masculine hero.


  • Instant Access to self-paced video

  • Downloadable Worksheets to guide you

Deep Dive HJ
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