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Unlock Next-Level Personal Power & Connections

Hawai'i Island
September 26 to October 5, 2023


If you are a woman ready to stop playing small and want more confidence in all parts of life, join us for this intensive where we will create the future you desire.

Image by Brent Norris

It’s late in the day. The sun is making its journey toward sunset, and a stunning bright full moon is rising in the sky. The landscape smells of sulfur. All you can see is dark red and black charred trees, ash, and hardened lava rubble for miles.

Below your feet are small bright green plants in the hardened lava, woven with vines of fine volcanic glass, referred to as “Pele’s Hair”.  All of this creates a swell of reverence in your heart as you witness proof that a volcano’s destruction is followed almost instantaneously by a bursting forth of life. 

As you walk forward there are deep fractures in the earth. It's truly stunning. You follow your guide up Ahuʻailāʻau, the 164 foot cone created by the eruption. 

You have prepared for this moment. For the last three days, you have opened to the deepest parts of yourself and faced emotions that were keeping you guarded and playing small. 


All of that feels far away now as you carry a banana leaf pouch filled with statements of forgiveness and wishes for healing that you will surrender to Pele for transmutation and “plant” the seeds of intention for your future.

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Image by Mandy Beerley


The Benefits 1
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Do you have a hard time shifting gears from the directness and intensity you need for work to a softer more relaxed you outside of work?


Are you often disappointed in other people and wondering why they don’t live up to your expectations?


Will you sometimes choose to hold back so that others don’t think you are too much?

Feel the satisfaction of being validated, in control, and confident in all parts of your life, not just work.


Imagine the immense relief as you let go of the resentfulness and anger that you’ve been holding from situations that didn’t work out.

Accept a new freedom as you silence your inner critic and trust people, and know that everything is working out perfectly.



The Venue

Experience Healing in Heart of the Pacific

Your home for this intensive is The Center at Kahuna Falls, a retreat perched on a scenic ridgeline above the Pacific Ocean, at the edge of the rainforest, on the slopes of Mauna Kea. Thoughtfully located on 46 acres of conservation 'Aina (land), the property is abundant with flowing power and healing energies.

We intentionally chose this space, far from noise and air pollutants, where you would be in a cocoon: a haven for rest, contemplation, and transformation in the midst of the last vestiges of old Hawai'i.


The buildings are laid out in a square formation, with two 3-bedroom living structures on each side of a gathering space (which includes a fire pit and flower-filled courtyard).  Each living area has a lanai to enjoy the fresh air while hiding from the sun or enjoying the fragrance of a rainforest-style afternoon storm.  Because our program is designed to enable “deep work, fast,” we limit the number of participants to 8.  This will allow for both privacy and freedom, access to your coaches, and the ability to socialize when you feel like it and retreat when you do not.

Retreat inside

The main lodge and temple space, respectively, form the other sides of the square.

Inspired by our stunning natural surroundings, the Main Lodge was designed for open-air dining to complement our setting and elevate the guest experience with world-class ocean and wildlife views.  With a large commercial kitchen and on-site chef quarters, the place is well-equipped to support our chef and staff as they care for you.  


This homestead is “off the grid,” built with its self-sustaining hydroelectric system. The fantastic staff will show us how to respect the limited resources and land sustainably and comfortably.  Wifi and cell service are limited, perfect for a complete mind and body detox.  It’s important to appreciate that this amazing venue was built to welcome guests with a sense of Aloha: your home away from home. Unlike a resort or hotel, you will not encounter crowds, and there isn’t a gift shop, pool, or room service.

Image by Pono Lopez




Your meals will be the highest quality,
and always made with lots of love. 

We are proud to partner with Jasmine Silverstein and her team from HeartBeet Catering.  Our two designated live-in professional chefs will spoil you with 9 days of nourishing meals, prepared fresh each day in our on-site commercial kitchen.

Our mouthwatering, health-supportive menu will be integrated with Ayurvedic cooking techniques, both gluten, and dairy free, without compromising the beautiful island flavors and textures.

Imagine savoring each bite of a delectable Buddha Bowl with layers of quinoa and marinated chickpeas, fresh ripe avocado, sautéed greens, and a surreal cream sauce.  You won’t believe this delicious and beautiful food is also super healthy and nurturing.

Once registered, we will clarify your personal health and dietary restrictions and preferences to ensure this intensive supports all parts of your personal transformation – mind, body, and spirit.


YOur Journey

Protected in our sacred temple space overlooking the ocean, you will breathe, free of all stressors and distractions.


You have nothing to do but follow the guidance of your coaches and healers as you call forth deep emotions and memories and allow everything to present itself for clearing and release.


This will bring immediate healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. This simple and elegant experience will open your psyche and soul, helping you discover what you did not know was there.



Image by Darius Bashar

Imagine being immersed in a safe environment to explore personal truth without interruption, judgement, or distractions.


We will start each day with a combination of breathwork, guided and non-meditation will release pent-up, stuck emotions enabling you to let down your guard, face your deep fears and start living more freely.

Image by Paul Szewczyk


Your journey will include unique Hawaiian excursions to connect deeply with this sacred place and aid transformation.


Hawai'i Volcano National Park

You will be guided in the Hawai'i Volcano National Park, where we will witness the Goddess Pele in her home, the active Kilauea Caldera, and then explore the magnificent Lava Tubes, a testament to the destruction, rebirth, and regeneration cycle unique to this island sanctuary.



For the deepest personal connection to the earth, you will explore Ahu’aila’au.  Locals will share their experience of the magnificence of the eruption. You will feel their heartfelt spiritual journey into prayer, belief, courage, and acceptance as they watched helplessly as the destruction and rebirth unfolded before their eyes. You will be moved by the traditional Hawaiian chant of protection and blessings before hiking up to participate in a grounding ceremony at the summit, at a naturally formed altar.

Image by Shifaaz shamoon

Water Cleansing

Water is a key element in Hawaiian rituals representing the cleansing of the old and the watering of seeds of intention as you rebirth.

You will have planned and unplanned opportunities to experience both healing and cleansing in the divine pristine waters of Hawai'i Island. This includes daily immersive rain forest showers, meditating near clear running streams, the sound of magnificent jungle water falls and floating in the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. 



Be immersed in the magnificent beauty of a remote retreat nestled in the stunning Hawaiian rain forest, created as an intimate, healing sanctuary for you and other successful, smart women.


In this sacred space, you will drop the “armor” and embody your own deep, powerful presence that will effortlessly engage, influence and uplift your loved ones, co-workers and potential partners whenever you are around.

Through personalized coaching and intimate group sharing, you’ll gain the tools and new perspective you need to drop blocks and connect with others in new ways.


Come bring forth the most powerful version of yourself in pursuit of a life that is no longer run by old, unconscious programs.

So tell me, is this you?

Image by Carmel Arquelau
  • You crave the freedom to recharge and nurture yourself

  • You long for a protected, uninterrupted time, away from your busy life and work, to contemplate what you really want

  • You feel ready to release old resentments and stuck emotions so that you can drop your armor and move on

  • You want to balance your intensity and “edge” with more happiness, relaxation, and fun

  • You want to feel confident, validated, and in control outside of work

  • You long for friends and a partner that truly “get” and value you


Image by Pew Nguyen
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Whats Included

  • Discovery Call

  • Pre-trip Inner Group Circle Preparation Class

  • One hour Pre-trip Zoom coaching session with Chris or Karuna

  • All materials and supplies to support your transformation

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Transportation to/from The Retreat Center and HILO International Airport

  • Amazing accommodations for nine nights

  • Each of the nine days you will have:

    • First Light fresh squeezed juices, coffee, and local tropical fruit 

    • A delicious spa breakfast

    • A flavorful fresh lunch

    • Mouth-watering, relaxing group dinner

  • All scheduled adventures are totally on us, including transport, our guides and entrance fees. 

  • Exclusive Access to a portal (for retreat attendees only) with audio and video recordings of all the practices and processes we use during the intensive to support the use of all the tools back at home.

  • A copy of The HeartBeet Cookbook to enable participants to recreate healthy menus at home.

  • AVVI Premium Membership which includes exclusive events, content, early