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Creating a Future of Passion and Purpose

Redefine success, get off life’s hamster wheel & use your talents to make big impact

Wise River, Montana
on the Big Hole River

May 1-6, 2025


Set yourself free from old thinking patterns that keep you playing small and stuck in the rat race. Reemerge fully prepared to unlock a purpose-driven future with deeper satisfaction in all parts of your life. 

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Imagine you're gliding down the Big Hole River, Montana's hidden gem.


By all accounts, you have achieved success, yet there's an unexplainable void deep within. But here, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, a newfound inspiration begins to stir. The water, shimmering like liquid silver, reflects the brilliant rays of the sun, illuminating a path toward self-discovery, a path that you have not had the time or space to explore for most of your adult life.


Majestic eagles gracefully dance above, their freedom reminding you of limitless possibilities. With each cast of your fly fishing rod, you feel a sense of release, as if you are shedding the shackles of your work identity and corporate life for a greater purpose

The fish, catapulting out of the water, reminds you of the untapped potential within yourself. The gentle breeze whispers through the air, urging you to listen to your heart's calling. In this moment, beneath the vast blue sky, you realize that true fulfillment lies not in the pursuit of wealth but in service to others and the pursuit of personal destiny.


In years prior even thinking about this would sound silly or impractical. But now, you are ready. This journey down the river becomes a catalyst for change, igniting a desire to embark on a new path, one that leads to a life of purpose and fulfillment and a shift in how you model success to your children and generations to come. 



The Benefits
Image by Aaron Burden

Wouldn’t it be incredible to wake up every day knowing you are fulfilling your true purpose and creating a lasting, positive impact for future generations? 

Can you imagine the exhilaration of breaking free from the mundane “hamster wheel” to lead a life filled with passion?

How liberating would it be to feel completely understood, respected, and supported by your partner?

Envision the profound satisfaction of living a life that's not just successful, but deeply meaningful and fulfilling.

Imagine the immense relief as you let go of the anger and control that you’ve been holding from situations that didn’t work out.

Feel the freedom as you transform your life into one where confidence and ease replace stress and pressure.

Image by Jon Moore


The Venue


Our retreat takes place at a privately owned fishing lodge and boutique retreat center on the banks of the Big Hole River. The Complete Fly Fisher has been welcoming guests from around the world since 1968. 

Unlike venues near Bozeman, Whitefish, and Missoula, your home for the week is a sanctuary nestled in one of the few unspoiled areas of Montana. With a population of 54, the nearby town of Wise River is home to what experienced anglers call “The Last Best River.” Miles of winding river flanked by forest-lined hiking trails and majestic bald eagles and osprey gracing the wide open skies above. 

The Lodge is a world-class destination that offers a level of rustic and relaxed luxury found in very few places on Earth. It is perfect for our small group with well-appointed single occupancy cabins and suites, all with amazing views of the river and a herd of deer that make early morning visits to our grassy “front yard.”


The main Lodge houses a commercial kitchen, a large river's edge dining room, a cozy fireside sitting area, and an outdoor fire pit ready for our evening wind down. 

The decades-old restored barn is where we’ll do morning breathwork and one-on-one coaching to accelerate your personal shifts in a casual, welcoming environment. 

All the rooms are designed to make your stay on the banks of the Big Hole as comfortable and relaxing as any place you’ve ever stayed. 

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IMG_4236 2.HEIC


All meals are an expression of our incredible Montana landscapes and our passions.

An essential part of our retreat is a week of delicious, freshly prepared meals made by our dedicated team of private chefs.

Our menu is designed to support optimum body, mind, and spiritual functionality using only fresh, seasonal, and when possible, local ingredients.


These delicious meals will support rapid transformation and ensure maximum levels of effectiveness in your new practices.  

All meals are dairy, alcohol, and gluten-free.  Our breakfast and lunch each day will include an easy-to-digest, plant-based menu. You will be amazed that the delectable food you consume each day is healthy and repeatable when you go back home. 


YOur Journey

Protected in our serene surroundings overlooking the river, you will be free of all stressors and distractions

You’ll have nothing to do but follow the guidance of your coaches as you clear and release thoughts, emotions and old memories that are keeping you limited and stuck

This simple and elegant experience will help you discover what you didn't know was inside and unleash a powerful version of yourself, unafraid to connect deeply or make bold moves.



A critical part of personal growth and change is a balance of learning, contemplation, and then, having uninterrupted time to integrate the new.  


Our mornings will be dedicated to learning and practice, and each afternoon will offer relaxation, fresh air, exercise, and private time

The Big Hole Valley has been known by the Flathead Indians as La-im-tse-la-lik, "place of the ground squirrel," by trappers as “the big hole basin," and through the ranching community as "the land of 10,000 haystacks."  


The valley was visited by the Lewis and Clark Expedition on July 7, 1806, and provides a multitude of fantastic experiences to support our collective agenda.

* All experiences are subject to change


Prepare for an unforgettable afternoon on the picturesque Big Hole River. Whether you're an angler seeking the thrill of reeling in a trophy-sized trout or simply looking to unwind and soak in the serenity, we’ve got you covered. 

For those eager to test their skills in the art of fly fishing, an expert local guide will provide valuable tips and guidance. Meanwhile, for those who prefer a more leisurely pace, you will drift gently downstream, sure to encounter a wealth of new discoveries and moments of rejuvenation.

The River offers an escape from the hustle of your normal life, providing a tranquil setting to reconnect with nature and find inner peace.



The Big Hole River is a place of awe-inspiring beauty, where the landscape and wildlife have remained unchanged for centuries. It is home to a diverse array of magnificent creatures, from majestic eagles and ospreys to graceful swans, crows, and owls. These large-winged inhabitants can teach us the art of rising above challenges, soaring high above all obstacles, and trusting in our own abilities.

The Big Hole Valley itself is renowned as one of the most significant bird areas in the western United States. Its vast wetlands provide crucial nesting sites, abundant food sources, and essential resting spots for a wide variety of bird species. The valley's wetlands serve as a haven for these birds, offering them a sanctuary to thrive and flourish in their natural habitats.



Hiking from the Big Hole River to a high vista promises to be a breathtaking adventure filled with natural beauty and stunning views.  Appropriate for all participants experience and abilities we will take a rigorous to moderate climb, allowing everyone to breathe in the fresh mountain air, and feel a sense of serenity and wonder.


This tranquil setting offers a moment of respite from the noise and chaos of everyday life. The sun's glistening rays on the river and streams will forever be etched in your mind, a reminder of the beauty and magnificence of Montana's wild landscapes.



This exclusive treatment combines the soothing sounds of nature with expert massage techniques to create an unparalleled experience for mind, body, and spirit.

The natural symphony of water flowing and birds singing enhances the therapeutic effects of your massage. Our skilled massage therapist uses a blend of traditional and innovative methods, tailored to your individual needs, to melt away stress and tension.

The cool breeze, the dappled sunlight, and the rhythmic flow of the river create a serene atmosphere that promotes deep relaxation and healing.   Discover the ultimate relaxation through this enchanting riverside massage experience.



Immerse yourself in the breathtaking splendor of a secluded retreat located in the picturesque mountains of Montana. This retreat has been specially designed as a haven for accomplished men and women who crave more from their lives and are seeking personal growth and fulfillment.

Within the serene atmosphere of this retreat, you will have the opportunity to shed your inhibitions and embrace your true potential. Discover the depths of your own profound presence, allowing it to effortlessly captivate, influence, and inspire those around you, whether it be your loved ones, colleagues, or potential partners.

With personalized coaching and intimate group discussions, you will acquire the necessary tools and invaluable insights to overcome any obstacles that may hinder your connections with others. Explore innovative perspectives that will enable you to forge new and meaningful relationships.

Join us at this remarkable retreat in Montana and embark on a transformative journey towards a more enriching and purposeful life.


So tell me, is this you?

  • You long for a protected, uninterrupted time, away from your busy life and work, to contemplate what you really want

  • You want to balance your intensity and “edge” with more happiness, relaxation, and fun

  • You crave the freedom to rest and recharge

  • You want to feel respected, validated, and in control in all parts of life

  • You want to feel the satisfaction of living a life that's not just successful, but deeply meaningful and fulfilling


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Whats Included

  • Discovery Call

  • One hour Pre-trip Zoom coaching session with Chris Grimm

  • All materials and supplies to support your transformation

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Transportation to/from Complete Fly Fisher and Butte Airport 

  • Amazing accommodations for five nights

  • Each of the six days you will have:

    • First Light fresh squeezed juices, coffee, and local fruit 

    • A delicious breakfast

    • A flavorful fresh lunch

    • Mouth-watering, relaxing group dinner

  • All scheduled adventures are totally on us, including transport, our guides and entrance fees. 

  • Exclusive Access to a portal (for retreat attendees only) with audio and video recordings of all the practices and processes we use during the intensive to support the use of all the tools back at home.

  • AVVI Premium Membership which includes exclusive events, content, early access, and discounts on products to support the integration of all your intensive learning in real life.

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Whats NOT Included

  • Your round-trip airfare to/from home

  • Personal, medical, and trip cancellation insurance

  • Transport to/from Missoula or Bozeman Airports 



RHP_Chris Grimm_FS1054.jpg

Christine Grimm

I have spent 28 years coaching leaders and teams for success and to recover from the challenges that show up in the modern world of business. 

Some would tell you I’m at my best when the situation calls for a coach that leans in, speaks the hard truth, and spots the solution that no one else wants to put on the table. I am a strong woman who strives daily to be a role model for my children, a fair boss, an unconditionally loving person, and the ever-evolving heroine of my story. Because of these dimensions of my life, I’ve had to expand my toolbox and thinking. 

All of this makes me uniquely qualified to run retreats - intense, focused, and designed for extraordinary results. When you are ready to find a balance, make a bold move, recover from loss, and move away from an imbalanced, exhausting type-A grind- I’ve got you. I helped design leadership approaches and groomed many a C-level- so I know how that system works. I also know how to help the same people shift their energy and focus to create a fulfilling, meaningful, and joyful future, allowing you to make a big impact in addition to chasing EBITDA. 

I’ve spent the last eight years studying Archetypes, the Hero’s Journey, and Shamanic Breathwork, along with immensely powerful tools integrated with the models, concepts, and materials I designed and used in my corporate executive coaching.  This all combined has provided a solid foundation for me to meet you where you are and help guide you to feel whole, authentic, and in your full power.

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