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EverY AVVI coaching PACKAGE begins with structure born of experience... 

...and then shapes to you; 

meeting you wherever you are.

Get Clear with Our Coaching Packages


calm, clarity,

and confidence coaching

Coaching Session

We know everything has changed for everyone. Working from home. Limits on travel. Fear. Uncertainty. Opportunity. Schedule has been turned upside down. Maybe you have kids at home. Maybe your partner is at home too. New rules.  


When things change at this scale and this suddenly, we have the ability to take control and well, shift things more. You can take the wheel and create a new order.  


No matter where you are and how you feel, we’ve got you. We are coaches who have been there, done that. We know how to stop, challenge your fear, and engage in possibility. You can find the calm, clarity, and confidence within you; let us guide you to that space now. 



  • (1) 60 min. Video Coaching Session

  • Take Away Personal Grounding Tool 

  • E-mail content for self-paced learning and reflection

  • Worksheets, e-books and other resources to support you taking control of your life in the midst of chaos

You will be assigned to one of our world-class coaches after application process



The “Enough Already!” Intensive   

Feeling stuck?

Trapped in old ways of thinking?

Entangle in relationships or a job that feels dissatisfying?

And you have tried talk therapy and other programs that promised you change?


Well enough already!

Most of us are imprisoned by thoughts and beliefs that lead us to the same decisions over and over again, repeating all the same patterns, leading to the same outcomes.

This month long “sprint” is designed to help you claim your freedom with three modalities that go deep fast, moving past the ego and cognitive mind, and into your subconscious, the control center of the mind, where the beliefs and “shoulds” of your life rule your every move.


The modalities include:

  • RTT

  • Coaching

  • Meditation


These rapid transformational therapy  (RTT) sessions are based on neuroscience that offers deep, fast and effective ways to understand and reframe your core beliefs, values, habits and emotions deep in the subconscious.  The combined power of the coaching with meditation, and RTT sessions allows you to form new life affirming beliefs and allows for a new way of experiencing life.


The 30-day offering includes:


  • 2 (1.5 hr) RTT sessions

  • 2 personalized meditation recordings

  • 3 (1 hr) coaching sessions

Coach: Karuna Mirchandani



identity as purpose


Identity as Purpose – a 3-month journey through self-discovery to self-love


  • 6 Live Coaching Sessions (bi-weekly)

    • Energy Allocation Exploration

    • Practicing the Allowance of Desire

    • Shadow Work

    • Practicing the Art of Peace + Self Acceptance

    • De-Stigmatizing Trauma

    • Embodiment: where head meets heart

  •  Recordings and reminders sent on non-meeting weeks

  •  Downloads/Supporting Material for each section

Coach: Eugenie Bostrom



INTENTION::Mastering Your Journey




  • Bi-weekly one-on-one virtual coaching for 6 months (12 sessions)

  • VMAVI Values Assessment & Debrief

  • Weekly content for self-paced learning and reflection

  • Worksheets, books and other materials to support your process

Coach: Christine Grimm



balance your main energy centers (chakras) and clear past emotional trauma and blockages with REmote Energy Healing

All sessions led by Reiki Master Karuna Mirchandani

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