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7-Day Gratitude Challenge

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Gratitude is one of the most researched concepts in psychology and behavioral science. Not only has it been proven to improve happiness and strengthen social and personal relationships, but it has also been proven to boost success and productivity, as well as promote overall physical and mental health. Here are some surprising facts that science can tell us: 1. Most people don't express gratitude at their workplace. 2. Women are more grateful than men. 3. Grateful people exercise more and are more health-conscious. 4. Gratitude improves sleep. 5. Gratitude lowers cholesterol levels. 6. Grateful people are more likely to achieve their goals. 7. Gratitude strengthens personal relationships. 8. Gratitude alleviates depression. 9. Gratitude helps people make wiser buying decisions and not overspend. 10. Gratitude strengthens inner peace. With all these proven benefits, it's no wonder that many wellness experts are recommending that their clients practice gratitude regularly. In addition, many psychiatrists are now incorporating gratitude practices and exercises into their therapies. The bottom line: Gratitude is likely one of the few things in life that has no downsides. Scientifically, there can be no doubt that gratitude is good for us on many levels!

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