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Building Confidence and Self-Worth

Building Confidence and Self-Worth

Do you seek validation from others to feel good about yourself?

Do you compare yourself to other people?

Are you waiting for approval before believing your ideas or decisions are good?


It's time to break free from this cycle and start owning your life and success.

Confidence and self-worth are not something that can be given to you by others, even though popular culture and advertising wants you to believe otherwise.  True confidence has to come from within.  Sustainable worthiness is built by believing in yourself, knowing you can overcome adversity, solve problems, and depend on your skills and abilities.

Below are three books that can help you boost your confidence and self-worth:

1. "The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are" by Brené Brown. This book explores the concept of embracing vulnerability and imperfection as a pathway to self-acceptance and confidence.

2. "You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life" by Jen Sincero. This self-help book offers practical advice and exercises to help readers overcome self-doubt and tap into inner power and worth.

3. "The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance - What Women Should Know", by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. This book explores the science behind confidence and offers strategies for building and maintaining confidence, particularly for women.

The path to genuine confidence and self-worth is an inward journey that cannot be purchased or bestowed by the external world. By facing challenges head-on, leveraging our problem-solving skills, and relying on our inherent talents, we forge a sense of worthiness that is both enduring and profoundly empowering. Remember, the key to unlocking your full potential lies not in the validation of others but in recognizing and cultivating your internal sources of confidence.

You are the author of your own story. Don't give anyone else the pen to write it for you. Believe in yourself, trust in your abilities, and watch your confidence and self-worth soar.  Don’t miss our live event, Deep Work Fast, on LinkedIn and Facebook this Tuesday at 3:00 PM PT.


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