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Healing the Past = Choosing the Future You Want

Healing the Past = Choosing the Future You Want
Healing the Past = Choosing the Future You Want

People often ask why our coaching philosophy emphasizes emotional healing as a basis for career and leadership development, personal transformation, and growth. In over 27 years of working with both men and women, we consistently see that an individual's willingness to heal past emotional trauma correlates with adopting new coping skills, a strong sense of inner strength, and resilience. Research has also found a direct link between a healed mental state and improved physical health, including lower blood pressure, reduced risk for heart disease, better blood sugar levels, and longer life.

Because our clients are like you (overscheduled and starved for time), we’ve curated tools that accelerate your healing, helping you to shed the past, accept and release stuck emotional blockages, and allow your full power to be rapidly realized.

Some are surprised to learn that we often use a Native American tool called a medicine wheel. The medicine wheel is a circular model, usually divided into four quadrants, that is considered a powerful symbol of holistic healing. When people ask why we use this “old” model, we have one response: it works. This simple yet effective tool helps you quickly and efficiently work through layers of triggers, emotions, and old thinking, both conscious and unconscious, so that sustainable change in life and career goals can be realized.

Medicine Wheel
Medicine Wheel

Key Components: The Four Cardinal Directions Ancient cultures — and now, contemporary practices — use the medicine wheel (illustrated above) with four quadrants, symbolizing the four cardinal directions: North, East, South, and West. These quadrants represent the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspects of life experience. Our medicine wheel incorporates the practices of the Shamans of the high Andes (Native American/Peruvian), who start each rotation from the South and move clockwise, never assuming an end.

The South: The Way of Healing You will begin your journey in the South, where you'll learn to shed your past like a serpent sheds her skin. This metaphor initially asks you to examine the sensations in your body. With awareness of how your body (specifically your nervous system) is reacting and responding to situations, you can eventually transform them from sources of suffering into wellsprings of power and compassion.

The West: The Way of Transformation Next, in the West, you’ll meet the Jaguar, the spiritual warrior who has stepped beyond fear, violence, and death. With this powerful animal metaphor, you are invited to delve into ancestral patterns, cultural conditioning, and the outdated stories held in your worldview that are keeping you stuck. Once identified and released, the Jaguar will grant you the freedom to choose to observe or engage, instead of being a slave to impulses that most likely are no longer serving you or your dreams of the future.

The North: The Way of Initiation In the North, the place of the Hummingbird, we leverage a new metaphor to explore ancient knowledge that takes us out of “normal” linear time and into sacred, circular time. The miraculous nature of the Hummingbird beckons you to fly with faith and choose only the "nectar" (the good stuff, new dreams, etc.) and write a story for your life. Here we learn not to settle or play small.

The East: The Way of Co-Creation The East is the place of the Eagle. This majestic visionary sees the big picture and flies with the Creator. You can dream the world into being through pure awareness and intention. You will understand that the purpose of your healing is not for yourself alone, but also to serve as a steward of creation for your children and their children.

If you have read this far, congratulations! This means you are interested in an accelerated path to personal change.

To make change, we must step out of old belief systems and the ways of thinking that created our current situations. It’s not uncommon for people to be confused at first or to reject the medicine wheel because it feels foreign, scary, or even sacrilegious. These feelings are manifestations of the dissonance created in your mind when your worldview is challenged.

Once you commit to overcoming any initial resistance, the wheel will lead you to sustainable professional and relationship success.

Using this Tool:

  1. Start in the South. Allow a full awareness of what sensations are in your body when you are triggered or uncomfortable. Get to know how discomfort shows up and moves in your body. Know yourself and all the physical sensations first. Observe without judgment. Ask yourself: Do you feel a flutter in your stomach or feel your neck get red when you are angry? Do you feel a tightness in your chest or tears well up in your eyes when you are anxious or upset? Do you get anxious or need to jump to take action to keep control of situations?

  2. In the West, the calm Jaguar confronts these sensations, showing how they are tied to your old beliefs, and invites you to let go. Explore your worldview, thoughts, and beliefs that are keeping you confused, lost, making unproductive decisions, or stuck in a job or relationship that is going nowhere. Release the beliefs that are trapping you and become the master of your thinking and impulses: the ability to observe or engage on your terms. Ask yourself: What old beliefs are you ready to let go of? What family secrets, curses, or beliefs are you done holding as a part of your narrative? What relationships are no longer feeling right?

  3. Going North, the Hummingbird opens space for you to learn, see opportunity in all situations, and identify alternative paths. You are able to be free from the expectations of others, family paths, or the “fate” others may have chosen for you. Consider who you are without the old stories. Ask yourself: What interests and excites you? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What would you do if you were no longer concerned about what other people think? How bold could you be? What would that look like?

  4. In the East, the Eagle rises above all the obstacles and has clear sight from a strategic vantage point. You are asked to be a visionary in connection with God/Source/Great Spirit, allowing your life purpose to emerge and to be reflected in your choices. Ask yourself: What is calling you? If you were to dedicate your life to something bigger, what would that be? How might your life passion and purpose serve others?

The medicine wheel is a powerful tool for healing that is used within numerous cultures and traditions. It can enable you to begin your healing journey, break through the barriers in your mind, and discover the path that will lead you to a more expansive, meaningful life.

We recognize the profound transformative potential of this ancient practice and have incorporated it into our healing practices. We invite you to join our free AVVI Collective Membership for access to tools, events, and resources, all designed with our signature Deep Work Fast approach. Let us help you step forward confidently on your chosen journey for growth and transformation.


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