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My Journey Into Energy Healing

I remember when the book ‘The Secret’ came out and thinking to myself, “well, it can’t be that easy?!”

Or can it?

The book was about claiming your own thoughts, asserting personal responsibility, and most importantly the objective at heart was to clear your mind of clutter. How you did this depended on what worked for you. This was where I realized…I actually had some work to do!

So, my journey began…what I soon discovered was that there are so many different tools that I could use to ‘get there;’ e.g., going into deep prayer, meditation, journaling, etc. Ultimately, it didn’t matter how I got there. I just had to decide what tool worked for me. And as no two people are the same, not every tool resonates for everyone. Thus, this journey evolved into one of self-exploration. I had to find the right tool(s) that truly worked for me.

I tried everything (akin to trying every diet that’s out there when you want to lose weight). I meditated, attended silent retreats, began journaling (with intentions that I had never used before), had tarot readings, learned more about astrology…Needless to say, the list is long and I’ll spare you the boring details.

This winding journey ultimately led me to Reiki energy healing. Reiki is the Japanese form of energy healing, dating back to the early 20th century.

The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. As I learned more about energy healing, I realized that our body’s own subtle energy systems are activated to heal itself. This healing allows you to emanate from your authentic self. This practice reinforces the belief that we are all responsible for our own healing. We are responsible for finding our most authentic selves. This intrinsic tie to personal responsibility reveals just how powerful this practice really is.

This healing practice removed any energetic blocks I had. I started thinking more clearly and felt better than I ever had before. The practice allowed me to become more aligned and connected to the universe’s flow. I found this in combination with my meditation practice also helped in a really big way!

This experience with energy healing was so powerful for me personally that I decided to become a Reiki Master. I wanted to help people in any way I could through this life-changing practice. As a coach and Reiki Master, my mission is to help you unearth your authentic self (or become more in touch with your authentic self). What happens if blockages are not removed? As energy is stagnant and doesn’t flow, it impedes the body’s own inherent ability to heal itself. Energy healing helps in a multitude of ways. It does so by addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual connections that are blocked by stagnating energies. This helps you on your journey to ultimately building the life that you really want, one not built on self-limiting beliefs or fears.

During my energy sessions, I work on helping you declare your intentions very clearly. If you are wishy-washy, you’ll get wishy-washy results. I start with clearly declaring and visualizing the energy vibration you wish to create in your reality. The vibration on which you set your intention is where the field of energy comes into play with the Law of Attraction. If, as stated above, your field of energy is unsure, uncertain, or even questioning your intention; you will get unsure, uncertain, and questionable results. However, if you set clear intentions with a positive attitude, you start to live a life full of authenticity, one in alignment with the universe and your highest self.

Personally, I believe intention setting and energy healing go hand-in-hand. Your body intuitively knows what needs clearing at a physical level. While intention setting helps direct where some of the energy should flow at an emotional level. Once you start to feel the energy flow, confidence, and a positive attitude set in. You start to become sure of what you want and you are then able to define a clearer path on how to get there.

The effects of Reiki energy healing are very powerful. In the video below I explain even further the practice of Reiki energy healing and its many benefits, including how such a healing practice can still be conducted remotely. If any of this resonates with you, and you are interested in trying it for yourself, I invite you to have a session with me. I love doing this work and would be thrilled to aid you in your journey of getting in touch with your most authentic self.


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