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Time to Grow: Key Steps for Opening Your Mind

Time to Grow: Key Steps for Opening Your Mind
Time to Grow: Key Steps for Opening Your Mind

Are you noticing that old ways of thinking aren't working anymore?

Do you have moments where you rely on habitual approaches and then notice that the old way doesn't work?

The pace of change is accelerating and, along with it, new ideas, cultural norms, and workplace practices are quickly replacing what used to be "normal." This can be hard to accept, and harder to change. Many people are realizing that their old ways of doing things aren't getting the same results. Learning new ways of working and navigating relationships requires an intentional effort; otherwise, you will become confused, angry, and feeling incompetent.

To learn, you must be open-minded. This means whenever you recognize something new, you must refrain from immediately dismissing it. This is the beginning of growth and evolution. When you're open to new ideas, other opinions, alternative solutions, and expanded ways of thinking, you'll be able to experience all it has to offer. You will also be open to possibilities for promotion, higher levels of contribution at work, and create more profound, authentic connections with the people in your life.

Here are some recommended first steps for adopting a growth mindset and starting to open your mind:

1. Be curious.

When you're curious, it's like opening Pandora's box of endless possibilities. Embrace your inquisitive spirit and look for the fascinating, the interesting, and the intriguing. Feed your brain with something new. Look past the norm. Don't accept boring. Assume there is always more to find and learn about any topic.

2. Try new things.

If you're never willing to step outside of your comfort zone, you'll never know what you're missing. Be open to new experiences, and don't be afraid to try something outside of your normal routine. This could look like taking a different route to work, or a different exercise routine. As an animal, we are designed at a cellular level to constantly rejuvenate, refresh, upgrade, and learn. You may not be aware of this if you have been living as if learning is over for you, assuming you have reached a peak and may be ready for a life or career plateau. Trying new things doesn't have to mean a radical new haircut or color, it should be at a pace you are comfortable with. If you are alive, no matter your age, you can learn something new, expand your thinking, and be better. Old dogs do learn new tricks.

3. Allow other people to BE.

One of the best ways to open your mind is to be accepting of others, even if they are different, and hold wildly divergent ideas from you. Everyone has their unique perspective, and by being open to learning about others' experiences, you can learn a lot. You can learn about yourself, others, and the world around you. Accept that everyone has a unique perspective based upon everyone's unique path through life. A part of this is listening without evaluating every idea. You don't need to agree, all you need to do is seek to understand.

4. Be flexible in your thinking.

Rigid thinking, by design, closes your mind off to new possibilities. You may feel like you are protecting your values and beliefs, but it can do the exact opposite. If you feel you are becoming set in your ways, try to be flexible in your thinking by inviting new perspectives and alternative solutions from your family or team members. Be willing to change your opinions. Listen. Suspend your immediate reactions and judgments. Create the space for new information.

5. Be open to change.

Change can be difficult, but it's necessary. The world is designed to evolve. Today, everything seems to be changing at a break-neck speed, whether we want the change or not. Resisting change will ensure you miss out on opportunities for personal growth. Embrace change. Be curious about what it means and be willing to adapt to new solutions.

You don't need to be stuck in the old ways. Being left behind is a choice. Embracing change may be tough at first, but it will be worth it because, one way or another, change will happen. Open your mind to new ideas, different perspectives, and alternative solutions. This is how you grow and evolve. It'll improve your relationships and career prospects. So, don't be afraid to break free from the norm and explore all that life has to offer.

If you want to explore this idea further, or need help pushing past doubt and negativity about all the new ways of thinking and working around you, join us at We have the tools, resources, and coaching to help you break through any barriers to having the life and work you will love.


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