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Deep Dive into The Heroine's Journey

Maureen Murdock is generally regarded as the first to chart an alternative to Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey narrative paradigm that she believed is more appropriate for women’s life journeys. As a student of Campbell’s, Murdock, came to believe that the Hero’s Journey model did not adequately address the psycho-spiritual journey of women. She developed a model of a heroine’s journey based on her work with women in therapy.

During this in-depth workshop, coach and master teacher, Christine Grimm will guide you deep into understanding the milestone experiences and personal transformative processes of The Heroine’s Journey, as originally presented by author and therapist, Maureen Murdock. We will look at the archetypes often presented in popular culture and how the heroine’s journey is similar and different than the commonly presented path of the masculine hero.


  • Instant Access to pre-recorded self-paced video

  • Downloadable Worksheets to guide you

Deep Dive into The Heroine's Journey

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