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Embracing the Bear™ + AVVI Experience

AVVI coach Eugenie Bostrom has coined the term 'Embracing the Bear' to encompass a self-discovery practice and mode of operating that aims to shift your whole perspective. We are excited to partner with her in offering this unique coaching experience.   

The practice of ‘Embracing The Bear’ is doing the work of uncovering, understanding, celebrating, and harnessing the seemingly disparate aspects of YOU. It’s deeper than self-love. It’s radical self recognition, acceptance, and amplification.

Guess what?


You are so much more than one thing, and your life was never meant to be compartmentalized. You don’t have just one superpower - rather the super-flex lies in harnessing the unique equation of all of the components of you.


Embracing the Bear as a practice takes us on a journey of:

  • Understanding how we truly allocate our energy

  • Recognizing & accepting of our authentic desires and perceptions 

  • Identifying our vibrational set point and carving new paths

  • Owning our trauma and integrating practices in peace


Embracing the Bear practices are built on a foundation of belief that:

  1. Healing happens in community

  2. Art, in every form, is an exercise in intuition 

  3. All humans share a connection to nature that when ignited sparks renewal

  4. Writing, when demystified, can be the best tool for self-recognition and realization

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Image by Keenan Constance

Embracing the Bear


Emergence Training

Move through each step of ‘Embracing The Bear’ and not only heal yourself but also join a family of practitioners.


The first half of this 6 month one-on-one training with Eugenie takes you through practices in self-discovery & self love.


This is Shadow Work; integrated.


The second half focuses on deep introspective work. Ancestral-healing and intuition-honing writing and meditations. 


This is a 6-month journey through self-discovery to self-love

Some of the milestones in your experience are:


Exploring Energy Allocation

First things first: In order to find balance, it’s important to understand how your energy is split and also where your energy goes. Gain a fresh perspective on time usage and receive practical tools, daily practices, and a deeper understanding of your habits.


Practicing the Allowance of Desire

Untangle desires from duty and shame; foster intuition and reduce stress. Learn to embrace and act on your desires without judgment, gaining tools for self-work, meditation practices, and insights into the connection between intuition and desires.


Practicing the Art of Peace & Self Acceptance

The peace required to accept and articulate yourself and the peace in seeing and sharing your whole self takes practice. Learn tools to identify how you and your body feel in peace, identify that which brings you peace, and take away practices to help you ease back into and make peace a regular part of your existence. 


Shadow Work

Our “shadow” relates to the parts of us that we don’t consciously choose to identify with but subconsciously direct our habits all the same. Gain a deeper understanding of your sometimes unexplainable actions, your innate or subconscious motivations, and practices to integrate shadow work into your self-development habits. 


De-stigmatizing Trauma

Recognize and embrace personal and inherited trauma as a crucial step toward a purposeful life. We’re building a community that aims to de-stigmatize trauma, and together, we’ll practice vulnerability - the key to moving through grief - and share critical concepts around trauma as a part of existence. *This is a safe space to witness and practice vulnerability at your own pace. 


Embodiment: Where Head Meets Heart 

The most challenging aspect of personal development is embodiment or integration. Transition knowledge into deep understanding, where habits become a way of being. Take away tools to aid in creating space and a flow of information between your head and your heart tips to help practice radical self-care.

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