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balance your main energy centers (chakras) and clear past emotional trauma and blockages with


REmote Energy Healing


All sessions led by Reiki Master Karuna Mirchandani

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Remote Energy Healing may sound mystic, but it's not all that ethereal; it's actually an ancient practice that aligns with quantum modalities.

The same techniques energy-workers, such as Reiki Masters, use in-person can also be carried out through distance healing, as the work depends on the focused vibrational energy and the intent of the healer and the recipient. This exercise helps to clear energy blocks; heal, open, and energize the chakras.

Choose a package that best works for you below.

Karuna integrates years of success in consulting and corporate experience with Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy.  Who does that?  It's a combo that supports you with power from all angles.

Read more about Karuna's amazing Journey

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