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We Are Formless and AVVI Experience invite you to explore your innate authenticity, as part of our second Calling You Home Collective. For many of us, in many parts of our lives, we may have had to create masks, illusions, or facades as survival skills or tactics, and though valuable and important parts of our becoming, after time, can feel heavy or burdensome.


These simple habits can form deep grooves in our thinking and behavior that can make it hard to know what real authenticity feels like. Throughout one full Autumn Moon cycle, we'll be offering practices, workshops and inspiration in community. Join us to shed-burden and feel the freedom in tapping into your authentic-self.


Workshops, dialogs, and healing experiences will take you through multiple journey's. 


AVVI Experience, based in LA, and We Are Formless, based in London, are joining together again to exchange energy and ideas and to share something that spans oceans and interpersonal dimensions; with an aim to bring us closer to ourselves.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

19 September through 16 October


Identify Your Truths with:

  • Personal Exploration Sessions

  • Creativity & Writing Workshops

  • Storytelling

  • Mirror-work

Release Patterns with:

  • Remote Energy Healing & Reiki

  • Sound Bathing

  • Movement & Breath

  • Sacred Tea Ceremony

Workshops + Sessions

Relaxing Crystal
Alchemy Soundbath

Creativity &
Writing Workshops

Ego Death &

Meditation &

Remote Reiki
Energy Healing

Heart Opening

Cleaning the Sh*t Out
of Your Head

Seeing Ourselves

Art of Being
You Workshops

 Transition from your Fictional Self to your Authentic Self


Sacred Tea

This Event Has Ended
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