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Deep Calm & Clarity 

A Unique Personalized Retreat Experience

Arcadia, California

December 8-10, 2023

Day Pass & Overnight Options Available


Escape the noise, find peace within.
Join us for the ultimate rest, healing, and restoration.

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This retreat offers the gift of silence, providing a nurturing and healing environment where you can disconnect from the external world and tune into your inner world.

During this transformative silent retreat, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. The setting of this private estate, nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains, provides an ideal environment for restoration and transformation, allowing you the opportunity to experience peace and relaxation.

In addition to the gift of silence, through various healing modalities, like energy, sound healing, and guided meditations, we will facilitate a journey of deep self-reflection and healing. 
We will help you release energetic blockages or tension you may be holding onto while also guiding you through a restorative process that will help you restore your natural balance. 

You will be immersed in the healing vibrations of Tibetan sound bowls. These sounds will create a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience, allowing you to fully let go and surrender to the present moment.





Give yourself the gift of full immersion with 2 nights and extended programming

Only 5 rooms available

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Day Pass

12/9 only

One Full Day of Healing

Limited Space Available

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The Benefits
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Wouldn’t it be great to release the tension from your mind and body? 


Are you ready to slow down and experience a calm that may be impossible in your home and workplace? 


Can you imagine the freedom of full silence, where technology is turned off, no one is expecting anything from you and you are allowed to rest without interruption? 

Feel the satisfaction of being validated, in control, and confident in all parts of your life, not just work.


Imagine the immense relief as you let go of the resentfulness and anger that you’ve been holding from situations that didn’t work out.

Accept a new freedom as you silence your inner critic and trust people, and know that everything is working out perfectly.

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The Venue


Experience the gift of silence in a villa tucked away in the foothills of Southern California

We intentionally chose this isolated and private estate, outside the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles proper, as a haven for rest, contemplation, and transformation.

The gated property spans over 40,000 square feet and includes a large main home and guest house, many inviting outdoor sitting areas, grassy lawns and mature trees, and a large sparkling pool for cold plunge, nervous system reset. 


Looking for a fully immersive experience?  There are 5 single occupancy rooms available for a 2-night stay.  


For those looking for concentrated, deep full day of healing and silence, Day Passes for Saturday are available. 

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Inside 1
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bathroom 3
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bathroom 2
bedroom 3
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Plant Based Meals and Lite Refreshments to be provided

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So tell me, is this you?

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  • You crave the freedom to recharge and nurture yourself

  • You long for a protected, uninterrupted time, away from your busy life and work, to contemplate what you really want

  • You feel ready to release old resentments and stuck emotions so that you can drop your armor and move on

  • You want to balance your intensity and “edge” with more happiness, relaxation, and fun

  • You want to feel confident, validated, and in control outside of work

  • You long for friends and a partner that truly “get” and value you


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Whats Included


  • [4 meals]

    • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on Saturday & Breakfast on Sunday morning

  • Mats, Pillows, Eye masks, Blankets etc.

  • Free Parking


  • Plant Based Lunch

  • Mats, Pillows, Eye masks, Blankets etc.

  • Free Parking

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Whats NOT Included


  • Dinner on Friday night

  • Lunch on Sunday afternoon

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Your Facilitators


Christine Grimm

I have spent my life learning to be a powerful woman in a crazy, upside-down world. The easy part was 26 years of coaching corporate leaders and aligning global teams. The hard part was learning how to be a strong woman, a role model for my children, a connected sister, an unconditionally loving partner, and a true heroine. I’m still working on the latter. 
My coaching for AVVI is designed to help you find a balance in how you live, moving away from an imbalanced masculine approach to life and work and creating a path that is fulfilling, inflow, and joyful - without the need to wear “armor” and control everything.


I’ve spent the last 8 years studying Archetypes, the Heroine’s Journey, and Breathwork, along with Ho’oponopono, an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness and reconciliation practice. These immensely powerful tools, integrated with the models, concepts, and materials I designed and used in my corporate executive coaching, provide a solid foundation for me to meet you where you are and help guide you to feel whole, authentic, and in your full power.

Trip Leaders
Image by Elijah Hiett

KAruna Mirchandani

After two decades wholly immersed in the corporate world (can you say ‘workaholic’?), I exited the executive rat race and my impressive career in corporate tech and engineering to take a break. I had find balance in my left-brain dominated life. I was ready for change. I parachuted into a world where I could invite my right-brain in; it hadn't been completely obsolete over the previous 20 years - just waiting to be engaged to its fullest.


Over the past seven years, I have reached back to my Indian heritage & upbringing to explore the intuitive and healing arts. I’ve become fluent in modalities such as energy work, Reiki, meditation, and the art of silence, and recently sound and tonal healing. Now as a coach, I blend my passion for healing modalities and business savvy which allows 100% of my brain to show up in each encounter. 


JOIN US Saturday
May 11 in Malibu!

A Day of Exponential Healing May 2024
A Day of Exponential Healing May 2024
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