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journey with us

 a path to...


Time to cut through the white noise.

There are truths inside of you, fighting to be heard - you can access them and create a practice of consistent clarity.



We've been on the journey, and are still learning

... and with decades of experience coaching and leading on the corporate and executive stages, we're ready to walk this path with you in confidence. 


No matter what age or stage... are somewhere beautiful along your journey; ready to bloom into your next phase with grace and intention. 



Getting more intimate with yourself

means allowing for more intimate understanding and openness across perspectives and results in deeper generational connection and healing.  


Madame Pele's Gift

Unlock Next-Level Personal Power & Connections

Hawai'i Island
September 26 to October 5, 2023

Image by Hans Isaacson

What is

The Avvi Experience? 

Words matter: the moniker AVVI comes from the Italian 'avvicinare' - which means to bring something close or draw near.


AVVI was started as a luxury intimate-wear line, with the idea that what we hold nearest to our bodies counts, and directly correlates to how we feel about ourselves. We wanted to help provide avenues for people to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. 


We quickly realized that when addressing the feminine form, there is so much more than what touches our physical bodies. At its core, the AVVI Experience is about intimacy; it's about drawing nearer to you, to that which you love, and all that you are at every level. 


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