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Lay Down Your Sword & Shield: Magnetize the Relationships You Want

Ladies, we've been taught to achieve success by projecting a polished image, regardless of how we feel at that moment. We are the queens of multitasking, achieving, and pleasing others. We get sh*t done. We control, fix, and manage. All of this requires a hardened exterior, sometimes referred to as armor, to protect the soft, flowing, creative, and emotional parts of ourselves.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you aware that constant “go, go, go” efforts demand that you avoid your inner softest, intuition, and emotions?

  • Do you know yourself with and without your “guard up”?

If you answered no, or these questions make you uncomfortable, you are not alone.

The armory you’ve built up over the years serves a purpose: it protects you from distracting emotions and triggers that come up when you interact with people and daily issues. It makes you Wonder Woman, helping you deflect or avoid uncomfortable feelings (bullets!) that can derail logical thinking and linear task management necessary for functioning with confidence and focus. This explains why many women feel most confident and appreciated at work where this armor is necessary and encouraged for navigating politics, tackling intricate issues, and managing conflicting priorities.

Unfortunately, being a high-achieving, master of self-protection by day does not easily translate into being a soft, sensual, nurturing partner, parent, or friend at night. It is normal for successful women to have a hard time dropping out of the logical, left-brain thinking and action orientation (our internal masculine) to being vulnerable, soft, and a creator of sustainable intimacy (our internal feminine).

When you desire a deeper intimate partnership or want trust and influence with co-workers and friends, it’s time to lay down the sword, examine why and how you self-protect, and adopt a more evolved approach to interacting.

To help with this important work, I’ve created a free, downloadable workbook:

The Armory: A Deep Dive into Self-Protection. Download this resource today (LINK)


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