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Limiting Beliefs Checklist

​Check yourself! How many of these beliefs do you hold as truth? ​

To follow are some more common limiting beliefs that hold people back from success, happiness, and fulfillment:

  • I’m not smart enough

  • I'm not successful enough

  • I'm not pretty enough 

  • My brother/sister is the smart/pretty/intelligent/lovable one

  • I’m not the kind of person who’d do well in ____________

  • I should stick to ________ because I can’t handle _____

  • Money is difficult to earn

  • I never earn enough money 

  • I can’t make a lot of money 

  • I can’t save money 

  • I can’t afford a ___________

  • My partners are always unfaithful to me because ___________

  • I am not lovable so I’d better ___________

  • Everyone is manipulative and untrustworthy

  • I can’t do this because of _______________

  • I’m always treated badly, and nobody respects me

  • I shouldn’t ask for what I want because I always get rejected

  • Life is meaningless and is always going to be like this

  • I can’t lose weight because _____________

  • Change is hard


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