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What is

The Avvi Experience 

Words matter: the moniker AVVI comes from the Italian 'avvicinare' - which means to bring something close or draw near. We started AVVI as a luxury intimate-wear line, with the idea that what we hold nearest to our bodies counts, and directly correlates to how we feel about ourselves. We wanted to help provide avenues for people to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident.  We quickly realized that when addressing the feminine form, there is so much more than what touches our physical bodies. At its core, the AVVI Experience is about intimacy; it's about drawing nearer to you, to that which you love, and all that you are at every level. 

Heroine's Journey

a Path to Calm, CLarity and Confidence

We're all familiar with the 'hero's journey'; if you've read a book or seen a movie, you know the arc. But what of the heroine? Maureen Murdock's seminal work; The Heroine's Journey brought to light pivotal distinctions between the two paths. We all carry masculine and feminine energies within us, but the path to perceived success has historically been designed to lead with just one of those energies. In our own heroine's journeys, we seek to harness all of our strengths, carve our own paths, and in so doing, find new definitions for success.

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